Dorthe Hodemacher

Psychotherapy in English

So you have ended up in Germany and you are struggling. Being abroad is great while things go well. But when you need someone to talk to – someone who is not a colleague, not your partner, not friend or family, who do you turn to?

Finding a counselor is challenging these days, finding one who is willing to work in English and knows what it is like to live and work in Germany seems to be really tough. Well, here I am. My name is Dorthe, I have been running my private psychotherapy practice in Hannover since 2017 and I am available online. 

As a Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie, I am qualified and licensed to work with you if you have a mental health diagnosis – such as depression, anxiety, an eating disorder or other symptoms. Statutory Health Insurance does not reimburse you for my services, though. (Germany – it’s complicated).

I do also love working with people who haven’t developed any major symptoms yet, but are struggling due to challenging circumstances in their lives. Relationship issues, heartache, personal loss or just general overwhelm – I don’t mind going there with you. Think you’d be a burden to anyone right now? Try me! 


  • 140 € / 50 minutes
  • available within 2-3 weeks
  • usually 8-15 sessions altogether
  • also available online

I am not a native speaker. But I have been speaking English since the age of ten. My studies have been fuelled by a passionate love for Great Britain. Having lived and worked both in Scotland and England, I feel confident to offer psychotherapy in English as in German.

Both native speakers and international expats are welcome at my practice. Due to my Intercultural Studies at Hildesheim University and the University of Glasgow, I have a solid foundation of Intercultural Communication and the capacity to extend my knowledge to the particularities of your culture if required.

Switching between languages is more exhausting than remaining in the mother tongue, though. Therefore I can only offer psychotherapy in English at a higher rate than in German.

Currently, I am not very happy with the available online booking tools. But yes, we can work together online, certainly. Why don’t you just give me a call and we’ll schedule our first session right away? I might not always answer the phone because I am seeing clients, but I do call back every number in my list of missed calls. 

Of course, you could also message me via text. I am currently using Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp. 


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